About Us

We are sure that by this point, you already have a lot of questions and doubts in your mind about what natural health remedies have to offer for the betterment of your health – and you are not precisely amiss with your concerns. Natural health and alternative regimens have long since been overshadowed by exaggerated promises and misleading results, producing what we now know as the fallacious sibling of modern medicine.

Of course, however, HowItiz aims to dismiss this preconception and show you what natural health is all about.

Instant is fallacious in itself.

The promise of instant results is undoubtedly attractive. Still, it is not necessarily accurate in the sense that no medication – even most modern ones – could produce instant physical results that you could immediately observe, mainly when it deals with a physical aspect of your body. As such, the only thing that HowItiz provides you are the accurate timelines that depict the exact duration needed for a particular remedy to do its magic within your body – not that you need to wait too long for it to be even noticeable in the first place. Think of it as pulling it back a little to make it something that is “just right to be true.”

Results, Data, and Evidence

Most natural health claims are suspicious because they mainly use testimonials to support their claim, which is not necessarily wrong in the most basic sense. However, testimonials are simple anecdotal evidence that could never rival the data obtained from renowned journals and studies, which depict the same basis behind these results. HowItiz aims to maximize these resources and deliver them to the readers – educating them about the remedies and natural health options available and informing them about how they work in the first place.

The connection is natural.

The delivery of health information is not a plastic process despite how professional it might seem in practice. Being able to relay information properly is no different from knowing how to approach the readers with care, utter concern, and openness while remaining sophisticated and knowledgeable about the topic at hand.

HowItiz never wants to make you feel like you are reading a guidebook in building a television set. HowItiz intends to reach out to you, provide you with what you need, and relay the information to you in a manner that you will completely understand and comprehend.

HowItiz wants to build that connection between the reader and the piece, but this track is a two-way street that calls for the willingness of both. We want to reach out our hands to you, our dear readers, so we hope that you will reach out too.

Timely – the standard of all

Although natural health is a slowly progressing field compared to modern medicine, it does not necessarily mean that all information regarding its use should be archaic. HowItiz always aims to provide the most updated information to ensure that your knowledge about what you are taking or about to take is always coherent and accurate.


Removing the past preconceptions, HowItiz aims to highlight the basis of natural health through connections forged with the readers.

HowItiz has long since yearned to appreciate natural health, but the stigma surrounding its practice has never been easy to unveil. Preconceptions might be deceiving, but A HowItiz only aims to provide accurate, evidence-based, and patient-centered information regarding natural health remedies to promote healing and understanding at the same time.

It might not be an easy road ahead but reaching for our calling is what makes everything worth it, after all.

The Editorial Team

Brad Smith

  • Editor-in-Chief; Head of Publishing Department
  • As the Editor-in-Chief for nearly eight years now, Brad has always been the top-performing asset of HowItiz – quickly claiming the title with her raw talent in writing and research. He always loved reading mystery novels, and he believes that this is what made him so keen on finding accurate and easily missed details.

Frank Hoffman

  • Senior Editor; Copy Editor
  • Being the previous head of the social media department of HowItiz, Frank is highly adept in data management and collection. With extensive experience in writing timely articles using evidence-based data through his various published writings, Frank possesses the necessary assets to bring HowItiz to its peak. Frank is also a dog lover who owns three dogs, named after the famous Renaissance artists Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello.

Austin Schultz

  • Senior Editor; Co-Chair of the Research Department
  • Austin was previously a head researcher in a previous university in pharmacotherapy, but his passion has always been integrating complementary and alternative medical options with modern methods. With his innate talent in constructing easy-to-digest articles, he can provide consistent outputs and review existing ones to make our selections as elite as they can be. Many say that Austin is quiet, but he believes that he is simply storing his energy for an active and adventurous vacation that he always looks forward to.