Male Edge Extender Review: Does It REALLY Work?

Even male enhancement products need a facelift, and that is precisely what DanaMedic—the manufacturer of the world’s first penis extender Jes- Extender—did when they created a second-generation extender in the form of Male Edge.

This revolutionary penis extender promises the same effect but with more ease of use, convenience, and comfort than its predecessor.

Male Edge is marketed as the ultimate solution to a small penis and Peyronie’s disease (curved penis), which has been a success so far as indicated by the half-million units sales in just over a year.

It is now considered one of the fastest-selling penis extenders today, with a lot of pros and a few cons.

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How Does Male Edge Work?

Male Edge uses traction to stretch the penis, as with any penis extender. The penis is strapped into the device for at least four hours a day in a span of three to six months to achieve satisfactory results.

Nevertheless, results vary depemale edge review discount codending on the current size and extent of the curve of the penis, and on how disciplined the user is when it comes to following instructions and recommendations.

To use it, the penis is inserted into the front piece while the base of the extender rests on the base of the penis. The glans or penis head is then strapped in place using the rubber strap and protection pad (not available for the basic package).

When the device is already safely and comfortably locked in place, the fixed elongation rods are adjusted to initiate stretching.

The pressure is also adjusted according to need, although you are advised to start with the lowest if you are a beginner.

Typically, the length is adjusted every two to four weeks, but you have to keep measuring yourself to know if you are ready to adjust (a measuring ruler is included in every package).

The penis grows through a cell division process called cytokinesis. This is induced through traction or the method of stretching the penis to achieve microscopic tears that are too small for the naked eye to see.

When these tears heal, the cells regenerate, which makes the penile tissues grow in a matter of months. The principle that Male Edge uses is the same with the principle of skin grafting and bone growth.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Male Edge?

Male Edge continues to receive rave reviews both from users and medical experts.

Despite the number of advantages, there are still some disadvantages that you should consider, especially when you are going to use it to treat Peyronie’s disease.


  • Convenience  The device is easier to use compared to other penis extenders. You only have to insert your penis to the device, strap the head in, and adjust. This is more convenient than penis pumps and surgery. It is also easy to use since no additional rods have to be installed. You should know that all extenders come with extra rods of different sizes to accommodate adjustment. With this one, you only have to rotate and pull/push the fixed rods to adjust. 
  • Fits all sizesNo matter how small your penis is and no matter how big your curvature problem is, Male Edge will certainly work for you, with no extra accessories needed to accommodate fitting. 
  • Three-setting pressure Some extenders only come with a single setting while many brands with multiple settings do not go past 2,200 grams of pressure. Male Edge provides three different configurations that are meant to accommodate beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. You can choose from 1,200, 2,200, and 2,800 grams according to your need. 
  • Lightweight With a weight of only 70 grams, it is considered as the lightest penis extender today. That makes wearing the device very comfortable. 
  • Credible manufacturerDanaMedic is a pioneer in the industry. With over two decades of experience, one can be sure that the company only manufactures with the highest of quality. 
  • Low maintenance Male Edge is so easy to clean, you can even toss it in the dishwasher and go. 
  • Double-money-back guaranteeOffering this kind of guarantee for one year only shows how confident the company is with its product.


  • Plastic material Male Edge is made from durable plastic, but there is still a risk of snapping, especially when it is adjusted to maximum length and pressure. 
  • Inconsistent rubber strap Some users have experienced slipping, although it may only be a case of human error. 
  • Expensive Other leading brands are sold for higher prices, but this one cannot be considered cheap either.

What Are the Different Male Edge Packages?

There are three different packages that you can choose from.

The most affordable one, Male Edge Basic, is worth $149.99. It contains the extender and a rubber strap.

The next one, Male Edge Extra, is worth $174.99, which contains the extender, two rubber straps and one protection pad.

The most expensive package, Male Edge Pro, of all is sold for $199.99. This contains the extender, four rubber strap, a DVD guide, two protection pads, and a gauze.

Is There a Male Edge Discount Code?

There is no Male Edge coupon code, and the savings will be automatic when you use our link below to the official website.

Buying directly from the manufacturer ensures that you will be getting a genuine Male Edge extender.

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Male Edge Review: Final Verdict

Male Edge seems to be a reliable penis enlarger and solution to Peyronie’s disease. It is also more convenient to use compared to other brands.

However, one should also be extremely careful in using and cleaning the device as the material used is only durable plastic.

This may last longer than you will ever need, but it is indeed not as durable as the traditional steel and aluminum materials.

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