Phallosan Forte Discount ~ The Ultimate Guide

Looking for a penis extender? Searching for a Phallosan Forte discount? We've got you covered on both fronts!

Here is Phallosan Forte. It’s probably the best product that has come out in the male-enhancement industry in recent years. The foremost benefits are:

  • It is the most discreet penis extender there is. From the time you order until the time that you are actually going to use it, no one’s going to know of its existence in your life. This extender is worn sideways.
  • It is definitely made to bring out the best pleasure from your partner. This product has been designed so that it works in all aspects where you want to see improvements. Your tool’s length and girth, for example, will be enlarged depending on how long the product is used.
  • With this product, you stand to see results without the usual painful experience. The manufacturers of this product considered the natural “tearing” and “healing” process of the penile tissues in its making and made sure that the entire process would help achieve the desired results.
phallosan forte discount

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How to Use

The making of this product involved long-term research that unraveled how the body’s regenerative process can be taken advantage of in terms of adding mass to the muscles or to the tissues. The research team found that the penis can be stretched and the mass can be amplified.

Upon the tearing of the flesh, the immune system sends out to the injured area “repair” workers. These workers are tasked to heal the wound and cover the gaps with new flesh mass. In other words, new cells will be formed to coat the breaks in the injured part.

The “wounding” part is going to cause injury but in a very mild way that you will hardly notice the pain that goes with it as you go through your normal daily tasks. The injury-causing mechanism will be gentle, continuous, and pain-free.

Only half of a man’s penis is visible as the other half is hidden from sight. That hidden part too will experience the sucking force although it won’t be as strong as what can be felt on the visible part.

Using it is easy. For this product, there are three suction bells with sizes-small, medium, and large. One of them will perfectly fit your penis. There is a protector cap that you should roll outwards before putting on the glans of your penis. Roll that cap over your penis.

Next is the sleeve which you need to put on the cap. Do the same – roll-out and then rollover. The lowest part of the sleeve should cover the rest of your penis all the way down.

Roll out the belt and adjust according to your waist size by moving the buckle. Simply attach the end of the sleeve to the belt and you’re ready.


The benefits include:

  • It is discreet. The company made sure that the device is completely unnoticeable when worn. The way the packaging is done is also very helpful in this regard.
  • The materials used for it are non-allergenic. There will be no skin abrasions and no respiratory problems. This product does not use formaldehyde and latex.
  • It is painless because the sucking force is gentle. In addition, you will be able to control the pressure on the penis by changing valves.
  • The pain will be hardly significant. This device is equipped with a system that will adjust to excessive tension or whenever you have a hard-on while wearing it.
  • It will not hamper in the performance of your daily activities. It can be worn anytime and in longer hours compared to other brands.


  • Phallosan forte does not promise anything beyond belief. It can extend your penis, but only up to two inches.
  • It may not be the best product for increasing girth. Check other brands for girth improvement.

Latest Phallosan Forte Discount

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Price & Phallosan Forte For Sale

Phallosan forte costs $339 (+ $25 shipping fee).

This product can only be ordered online via the official website. Beware of sellers of fakes on eBay, Amazon, and other online dealers.

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Discreet Shipping and Delivery

For this product, there is only one type of packaging available. The delivery cost is $25. During delivery, there will be no indications in the packaging giving any hints of what’s inside. You will receive no advertisements from the company or calls from them. Simply put, no one will know that you are buying a male enhancement product.


Warranty is for two years for all parts, excluding caps and sleeves.


The Phallosan forte penis extender is a great device to use, especially if your main concern is the length of your penis. You can comfortably wear it for longer hours, so you can expect to see permanent results over time.

The company places a lot of value on discreetness, so you will never have to worry about getting embarrassed. With this sex-enhancement partner, get ready to be transformed.

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Where Do I Buy Phallosan Forte?

Real Phallosan Forte

By ordering from the official website, you are guaranteed to receive only high-quality, genuine Phallosan Forte.

A lot of online sellers claim to offer the “real deal” at cheap prices, but don’t get fooled.

These are obviously fake products they are selling. Phallosan Forte is available only from the official website as it is the only authorized manufacturers of the product.

phallosan forte discount

Long Two-Year Warranty Period for All Parts

Phallosan offers a long warranty period of 2 years for all parts of Phallosan Forte for sale, except the protector caps and vacuum condoms, which are consumables.

Discreet Shipping Methods

Phallosan only ships products in completely unrecognizable packages. This means that nobody but you will know what was delivered to you. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to Phallosan; thus, we make sure that your orders are packed in discreet packaging.

Fast Delivery

Phallosan uses tried and tested delivery methods to make sure that orders are received on time. For US orders, shipments are made through USPS and DHL for orders from Austria and Germany. Replacement parts are handled by Malta Post. If you live in a country outside of the ones mentioned, Phallosan will ship your orders through your local post office.

Customs Duty-Free Deliveries to Europe and the US

There are no applicable customs duties for orders from the United States and most European countries. On the order page of the official website, you can check if there are applicable customs duties for your particular country and how much. If you need more info, contact the customs office in your country.

Free App for Your Android and iOS Devices

Phallosan offers a free app that can help you achieve your desired results more quickly: your Phallosan Forte Personal Training app. The app can devise a personalized training plan specifically for you, based on your specific requirements and targets.

The app will be a big help in your Phallosan Forte training as it will give you reminders each time you are scheduled to train. It will also provide you with the necessary data so you can see how much progress you have so far achieved and how much more training you need.

Likewise, through the app, you will get constant news updates, new offers, and useful tips about using Phallosan Forte. It will also give you some information on how you can get help if you need some.

Top Phallosan Forte Discount and Bonus

With every product purchased from the official website, you are entitled to a big Phallosan Forte discount and bonuses such as a free pack of 4 sleeve condoms that have a total value of at least 100 Euros. You get 1 small, 2 medium, and 1 large-sized condom.

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